Are you looking for an original federation who actually cares about it's members?
Are you wanting to be somewhere that actually helps you develop your character and plays a key role in taking you to the next level?

Well, you don’t have to look any further, you've found it. Welcome to the Extreme Wrestling Corporation. Since 1997 the EWC has been providing 'fedders with a great laid back community and an in-character atmosphere the likes have never been seen before. Time and time again, the EWC has raised the bar, and set new standards that causes other federations to take notice! How can we do that? With your help, by signing up you’re joining this revolution, but why should you sign up? What makes the EWC different?

What the fed offers:

Opt-In Booking for ALL shows - This means that we wont book you unless you asked to be booked!

EWC Monday Night Brawl (1RP | Bi-Weekly | No Word Limits)
EWC Friday Night Rampage (1RP | Bi-Weekly | No Word Limits)
Paramount Wrestling (1RP | Bi-Weekly | 1500 Word Limit)
EWC PRIME (1RP | Bi-Weekly | 750 Word Limit)
BRAWL, RAMPAGE, PARAMOUNT and PRIME all offer an optional rebuttal RP on all matches.
EWC NEXTGEN (Bi-Monthly | 3RP | 500 Words / 750 Main Event) - Development Roster
EWC UNCHAINED (Monthly | Mini Seasons | 3RP | 500 Words) - Shoot 'Old School' Style
PPV (11 per year)

Detailed & on-time results. We strive to give our members the absolute best results, with the fairest judging possible. We have zero bias, no hidden agendas, & a fully detailed score card. We strive to do whatever we can to make sure our results are always on time. There is no waiting around for days and days to see who won a match.

Complete creative control – In the EWC, you can design and build your own feuds, segments, and story-lines. The EWC Staff strive to work hand-in-hand with our members to help create some of the most epic & realistic story-lines known to man. We want every single person to feel part of each show.

Most importantly, we have a Staff that actually cares about the character YOU spent weeks, months or even years creating! We want everyone here to succeed, and give everyone an equal opportunity to do so. There are no hidden agendas by the staff or favoritism shown here. It's all about YOU! We are all willing, able and wanting to work with you. It doesn't matter if you have zero experience, or 20 years experience, we are happy to help assist in the growth of not only your character, but your writing ability. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity at success as a writer in our game, and we will provide the tools for you to become a stronger, more complete writer. We are open and honest with regular communication. We are also happy to fix any errors you might find or beef up a match to better fit the efforts put in. We are a MEMBER FIRST efed.

We have a fun & welcoming OOC atmosphere both on our forums and on our Discord!

Come and chill with the people of the EWC, we all like to joke and have a good time, you can come join this family where most have known each other for over fifteen years, we’re not just a community, we are a brotherhood with absolutely NO DRAMA. We take pride in how welcoming we are to new joins. No one should ever feel like an outsider, or like they don't belong. We are all united in the effort of improving our game/hobby, and keeping it going for as long as possible. So please, give the EWC a chance .. and come be part of history. Afterall .. Destiny is Calling!

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Learn everything you need to know about the greatest wrestling promotion in the world

by EWC
Feb 20, 2024 1:09:33 GMT -6
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Before you decide to fill out an application to join one of our Rosters/Brands, please take a few moments to read rules & guidelines to ensure that the EWC is going to be the right place for you.

2 2 » EWC Rules & Guidelines
by President Mac
Aug 10, 2006 15:11:39 GMT -6
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Here you will find some tips & tools to help you succeed in the EWC and e-Wrestling in general

14 17 Case Converter Site
by President Mac
Mar 10, 2022 13:54:11 GMT -6
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Affiliates of the EWC

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Here you will find all of our contracts. Please be sure to review our Rules and get to know our Brands before deciding where to apply

Moderators: EWC PRESIDENT, BRAWL SHOWRUNNER, RAMPAGE Showrunner, PARAMOUNT Showrunner, PRIME Showrunner, President Mac

Sub-board: Sign a Contract

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Moderators: President Mac, Michael Saint

by President Mac
Sept 14, 2006 22:45:24 GMT -6

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Profiles and Contract information for all the EWC & FSW Superstars can be found here


Sub-boards: EWC Staff Profiles, HOF Profiles, EWC Enhancement Talent, Monday Night Brawl Superstars, Friday Night Rampage Superstars, PARAMOUNT Superstars, PRIME Superstars, Tag Teams, Stables and Factions, EWC NEXTGEN Superstars, Valet & Managers, Retired & Inactive

2,208 5,150 ▪ Official Taken List
by Marissa Davidson
Jun 18, 2024 20:19:10 GMT -6

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LIVE! From Japan National Stadium in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Its the long awaited return of EWC's One Night Encounter (aka O.N.E). A hugely popular event that see's matches booked by the fans of Extreme Wrestling. Dream matches do come true, at least, for O.N.E night!
See Card For Details

Sub-boards: STRANGLEMANIA XIX, PPV Results, EWC PPV RP Archives

4,776 5,914 ***TIME'S UP***
by MNB
Jun 19, 2024 22:49:38 GMT -6

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4,628 5,252 BRAWL #612 (BRAWL AT THE MALL) - PASAY - 07.01.24
by MNB
Jun 15, 2024 22:33:12 GMT -6
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Sub-boards: FN'R Cards, FN'R Promo's, FN'R Results

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by FN'R
Jun 7, 2024 23:30:43 GMT -6
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Sub-boards: Paramount Wrestling Cards, PW Promo's , Paramount Wrestling Results

Jun 12, 2024 18:48:29 GMT -6
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Sub-boards: PRIME Cards, PRIME Promo's, PRIME Results

2,409 2,415 PRIME #123 - PRIME AT SEA - 07.07.24
by EWC
Jun 9, 2024 21:00:09 GMT -6

The Official Development Brand of the EWC

Moderator: EWC NextGen

Sub-boards: NG Cards, NG Promo, NG Results

111 111 Echoes (1)
by Haunting Curse
Jun 14, 2024 18:20:36 GMT -6

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The Under Armour Elite Fifteen is a Monthly Power Ranking of the Top Fifteen Wrestlers in the EWC.

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Use this section to:
* Introduce your character
* Talk Backstage
* Continue a story
* Further develop your wrestler/manager etc

Moderator: President Mac

Sub-board: Character Development Archive

1,633 3,928 Hourglass
by Sally Talfourd
Jun 6, 2024 14:25:11 GMT -6
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(Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles California)
EWC Honors is an Annual EWC Awards and Hall of Fame ceremony where EWC Superstars are awarded for in-season performance as well as inductions to the Wrestling Hall of Fame. The January 18th 2021 event will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles California and honor the 2020 Season of EWC. Class of 2020 Hall of Fame Induction to be: Luke Wolfe

Moderator: President Mac

6 6 EWC HONORS 2023
by EWC
Feb 19, 2024 20:57:45 GMT -6

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Welcome to EWC's In-House Social Media platform!


Sign-up for an account and within 48 hours you will have your own timeline where you can communicate directly with your EWC fans! Post status updates, blogs, pictures, videos... and communicate directly with the fans and with fellow EWC athletes!


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Sub-boards: PWA Rules, PWA Superstar Bio's, PWA Cards, PWA Official Discussion

101 718 PWA: The Reboot
by Narumi Tsutsumi
May 13, 2024 11:13:12 GMT -6
No New Posts » 24 Hour EWC Combat Championship

Starting on April 1, 2006 the 24 Hour EWC Combat Championship was instituted! Any match can take place at any spot in the world as long as a EWC ref is present ..

Moderator: President Mac

by Shaker Jones
May 18, 2024 19:28:16 GMT -6
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General Gaming Discussion

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Have any Gamer Tags or Links to share? Do it here and grow your followers!

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